Terms of service

We will make it simple and in simplified words. Please read carefully !

If you were referred by a user, or got to know us from a forum, please always tell us on time, to keep track of our virality. 

Every registered user, uses our services at their own Risk/Liability, If you are sending money to someone you don't know, some website or service, we're not responsible for the outcome afterwards, we only provide you the exchange service that you need with us. If you have any issues with our services, we always love to have a dialogue and find solutions to meet your satisfaction.

All exchange routes are inclusive of our fees. We do not add extra or hidden fees, only in one case: If you're unable to send PayPal payment as "Friends and Family", then read no further, this service is not for you.

All transactions are are 100% guaranteed and always secured as we do not fully automate our systems, updates and remittances are done manually but in real time. Some of our features are semi-automatic, but does not pose any threat to customer's privacy. Paying via PayPal is a highly difficult and sometimes Fraudulent route, but we have what it takes to make it easy for our customers.

We're aiming at providing seamless solution and service for gamers, freelancers, investors and people who're into the crypto-currency world. Money Laundering is not to our interest, we will reject any order aiming at Laundering Money, and close any business relationship with concerned users. We want to keep it as green and clean as possible. 

Once each transaction is initiated by customer, we reserve the right to accept or decline; hence refund whatever was received for the said transfer. This can be caused by a range of metrics triggered or flagged by our internal security system. When a transfer is cancelled and refunded, we always refund in full.

When you make a payment and we smell a fish, we will cancel your order and refund the money to where ever it came from. When you send us money from someone else, or you pay for a service to be delivered to someone else, we will cancel and refund it. 

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It is Prohibited to:

- Copy our website and/or its content(s) and make a duplicate or false copy
- Create a mirror or false link to another website  
- Attempt to gain forceful access to the website's back-end
- Hand over your profile information to another person for illegal activities
- Create a transfer and have another person pay for it (User will lose verification status and face ban) 
- Forced misrepresentation of our reputations/values 
- Use our services for illegal purposes 
- Send false or unauthorized documents in the realm of verification
- Use abusive language while in contact with us, chat or email 
- Send us malicious files to attempt attack or other illegal activities 
- Lie or bear false witness with no evidence or clear fact 
- Initiate a charge-back after a successful exchange. In this case, (We will send chat transcripts, payment confirmation and your data to PayPal, we will WIN !!)
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When we complete your order and you initiate a charge-back you will end up in the SCAMMERS list
If you create an Order and pay from someone else's account, you will end up in the SCAMMERS list

Total chargebacks: 3
We won: 3
Pending PayPal review: 0

To make an exchange, simply sign up, verify your profile and enjoy the rest of the magical exchange.