Privacy Policy

PPtoPM hereinafter regarded as "We" Stands for Peer to Peer, Peer to Merchant service. 

We always ensure proper step to protect your privacy. Whenever you provide us sensitive information, we will adopt proper step to protect your sensitive information. Also we will ensure adequate security measures to protect the stored personal information. Unless otherwise specified in legal or governmental compulsory provision, we will never in any situation disclose any of your personal information to third parties including business entities or individual, without your permission.

Information we collect:

1.1. When you navigate to our website, we collect your IP address and browser information, we keep track of our visitors, for the sole aim of providing better services and analyzing our outreach. 

1.2 When you register your profile, we automatically save the following data: Username, Email address. We're not information hungry, so that's enough for now. To verify your profile, then we need a selfie of yourself with your ID in your hands. Most hackers and criminals cannot provide this, it sends them running and that's good for business.

1.3 Before completing some exchanges, we may ask you some questions just to cross and match any doubts if there's one

1.4. When you're verified, made an exchange and revisited our website, our system recognizes you and communication comes with much ease

1.5 With the email address you signed up with, you agree to periodic but important email updates from PPtoPM, we will never sell your email to marketing campaigns or to any services that violates your agreement with us.

Beware of scammers: If anyone asks you to send them money for business, travel tickets, grants and other sorts of stories, but you have to exchange it through us, IT IS LIKELY A SCAM. We will NOT be responsible for any monetary loss afterwards. We recommend that you clear your checks about whom to send money to, or how to spend your exchanged currency, we unfortunately cannot be held responsible in case you fall into wrong hands. 

By agreeing to our exchange services, every customer who initiates a transaction agrees to internal transaction protection. It is the exclusive right of every customer to agree or to disagree with exchange terms and/or rates. By sending any payment to us, they also agree to get an exchange of what may have been agreed prior to their payments. 


However, if you ask us to provide particular customer support service or send some services to you, we will need to provide your name and address to the third party such as transportation company and only upon your consent and agreement.

NB! We do not use skype, ICQ, yahoo messenger or any other chat platforms, all communications are carried out within the site's email address and secure chat!

By providing your Personal Data (email/Verification ID) during the Registration in the System, the Customer agrees to data processing, with or without the use of automation technology and/or devices, in particular, information gathering, storage, and equally agrees to receive periodic news emails and service related email updates from (PPtoPM).


We shall not provide any Personal Data to any third parties for any purposes without the permission of the Customer to whom this information is related. The Administrator reserves the right to disclose confidential information when it is required by the business conduct practices. We believe in good faith and safe environment for everyone. We will only disclose requested information in cases where:

a) We are obliged to do so by a subpoena, governmental regulation, court order or credible legal procedure

b) We need to do so to comply with law

Besides visiting this website, the Customer also provides location information to the Administrator (used to track our visitors' traffic). When using the System (if possible) via applications for mobile devices, social media applications, payment terminals, etc., contacting and submitting requests by live chat, email, or via phone, the website also receives information about the Customer from other sources when verifying the information previously provided by the Customer.

We're not information hungry unlike many tech companies. So, we do not store your personal information on any server or on the website. Therefore, in the case of hacking, or if customers' profile happens to fall into wrong hands, the attacker would have nothing to do with the hijacked profile because there is no information on it to steal. 

...If we live in a perfect world, we’d offer all the services we have in every country on the planet earth.  But our world is far from perfect, and due to the varying international regulations, law and requirements, there're just some things that we’re not to do...


For business proposals and/or partnership inquiries, please address all questions to the Admin (