Frequently asked questions

Can I also send from PM to PP?

Yes, through (

How long does exchange take ?

1-5 minutes when operator is online. 
15-30 minutes when operator is away.
We usually receive email alerts for each exchange you initiate, so, we are always looking after you.

How long have you been operating as exchanger

Since 2008

Where are you located?

1. United Kingdom (Admin)
2. Amsterdam (Chat agent)
3. Ukraine (IT support)

Should I verify here if I am verified on

No, once you're verified on, just contact admin to update your verification status here


Yes, we exchange skrill

How long does verification take ?

1-5 minutes when operator is online
15-30 minutes when operator is away

Can I pay for or reactivate a cancelled/timed out transfer?

Yes, you'll need to contact Admin to reactivate a cancelled or timed out order.

What language support do you have?


Is this service real ?

Yes!, but we're always targeted by scammers.

You can find the list of scammers HERE